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"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." - Albert Einstein

Innovation & Passion form the basis
of engaging design.
From print and digital design to branding, Design By Bates examines key trends and applies design to target your key audiences.

Successfully reach, connect and influence your target market by controlling a positive flow of your latest news, events and innovations.

Need help with Digital & Social Media ?

Design By Bates are on hand to help your business with content creation, online engagement &
strategy development.

Here at Design By Bates, we tailor to your individual needs and requirements using a combination of design skills, extensive knowledge and experience acquired over 10 years within marketing, business management, structure and strategy.

With the key focus on your target audiences, you will see the returns in growth and production.


"We understand each business is on it's own journey and are always at different stages of their strategy".  



Inspiring and innovative thought generating processes really moved
our projects along quickly and with excitement 

- CLAIRE RYDER, Purchase Manager, John Lewis

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